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Jay Gaining Traction!

Alexa LogoYou know you're doing pretty good when your new website starts showing up on Alexa in just one month. After noticing a significant spike in traffic to my website the other day, I checked on Alexa and voila! I'm already ranked at around 14 million! My one month rank is even better at just under seven million!

So how does Alexa work? When you register a new domain name, it'll initially say "No Data". This is because well, you don't have any visitors yet. And you won't make it to Alexa by having a few of your best friends visit your website from time to time either. But if you do start getting a decent amount of traffic, eventually it'll show up on their traffic rank. And the more popular you get, the better your rank becomes. Facebook & Google are currently neck-to-neck trying to grab the number one spot.

Now I don't know exactly how much traffic you need to get on Alexa, but I do know that the ranking starts at approximately 30 million out of appromixately 350 million websites out there. This means that if you're not one of the 30 million or so of the most trafficked websites, it'll just say "No Data".

Seven million out of 350 million websites means that my website is already more popular than 98% of all the websites on the planet. And I just got started. I'm happy. I'm not entirely sure what I did right. But the fact is that whatever I did right, it worked. Beginning is half the battle.

But they say that it really starts to matter when you break the 100,000 mark, because that is when Alexa provides more detailed information, such as demographics, etc. There is also a company called Compete that is known to be much more accurate in terms of how many people visit your website. It is much tougher to get on that website, so I'll provide an update once I get in there.

So whoever has visited my website so far, thank you all. Not that I want to be as famous as Jay Leno, but I do want to be the most famous Jay Lee out there. Time will tell.

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