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Three Scariest Movies For Halloween

HalloweenIt's Halloween weekend! If you want to watch a movie after coming home from partying, you probably want to watch a scary one. Now if you're sick and tired of all the typical slasher flicks and want to watch something different but need some help choosing, try the following:

Martyrs1) Martyrs - I've seen 'em all. From Audition to Cannibal Holocaust. In a Glass Cage to Irreversible. The Devils to Possession. Begotten to Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. You name it, trust me I've seen it. But Martyrs is the only movie that I can remember where I actually felt GENUINE TERROR, this without even being horribly graphic whatsoever. I really can't remember the last time a movie was able to literally terrify the living fuck out of me. Director Pascal Laugier categorizes this movie as an experimental film. I agree, and want to add that it's the type of experimental film that thankfully appeals to a broad audience (unlike say Possession, which is more of a weird, artsy film that reminds me of strange movies like Brazil). There are lots of discussions going on even to this very day (it came out in 2008) as to what really happened at the end, meaning this movie is not just another disturbing, scary horror movie. It's one of those that will actually make you have intellectual discussions with your friends on how you interpreted the movie. It's definitely a movie that I won't ever forget. French people really know how to make works of art.

The only thing you want to know before you watch the movie is that it comprises two parts. It reminds me of Audition, where the first hour was just a plain (almost boring) drama and the last 30 minutes were what made it a cult classic. Don't worry though. The first part of Martyrs is not too bad and not too long either. Just a bit weird. It's the second part of the movie where "nothing will prepare you for what's about to happen". That's what lots of people say about this movie. I wholeheartedly agree. It was the most psychologically disturbing movie where I was almost able to vicariously feel the terror that the main character felt throughout the movie in the most visceral way imaginable. The ineffable feeling of this genuine terror was something that no other movie was able to provide, ever. That's why I recommend this movie. But for Halloween only. Because at least it's the best excuse you can give to whoever you watch the movie with if they get too freaked out. "Hey man! It's Halloween! I thought we agreed to watch a really scary movie?!?" :D

I Saw the Devil2) I Saw the Devil - You WILL see the devil in this Korean film. If you want to watch something like Hostel, Saw, etc. that is actually a brilliant work of art, this is THE film for you. I mention Hostel to let you guys know that this is definitely not for everyone, as some of the scenes are insanely, brutally graphic. But if you are a true horror movie fan and thought you've seen it all but somehow haven't yet discovered this hidden gem, try it. You will NOT be disappointed. Just remember this is really for hardcore fans of the horror genre that don't mind watching graphic scenes whatsoever. You have been warned.

Are you demurring a bit because both movies I mentioned here so far are foreign? Let's digress a bit. First of all, Korean movies have become amazingly good in recent years. I think it started circa 1999 with Shiri. Then came out gem after gem after gem. Need proof? Memories of Murder. Oldboy. Silmido. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. Cut. The Host. Mother. And the list goes on and on and on. Hopefully these movies will help you get over that fear of subtitles (or worse, watching the dubbed versions which I abhor). But seriously, get out of your comfort zone. The hidden gems are mostly foreign anyway. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a great example from Sweden. Just remember that it's actually a trilogy (The Girl Who Played with Fire & The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest) and that you should watch all three for maximum impact, to fully understand and admire the entire story. THEN watch the American remake that's coming out in December.

Antichrist3) Antichrist - Salo for the 21st century. Yeah, that film where director Pier Paolo Pasolini was assassinated for creating it. I had to think a bit before including this movie (the original post was titled "Two Scariest Movies for Halloween"), but decided that since it is a work of art it does deserve its spot on this list. I say work of art because both films were released by The Criterion Collection, the company that only releases movies that it considers most important in cinematic history. I mean the title DOES say "Three Scariest Movies for Halloween", right?

So why was I hesitant to include this film? Because it is a LITERALLY INSANE film. It is THE most graphic movie ever made, and I absolutely doubt that anything can top it, even a hundred years from now. There's porn. Sadomasochism. And extreme torture. All somehow blended into a true work of art, although I would not call it a masterpiece. Willem Dafoe is in it too, so you see a very famous actor speaking English. No dubs or subs, yay! I warn you though, this movie is unlike anything you've ever seen. I shouldn't even recommend it. My friends might think I'm crazy. But hey! It's Halloween, where anything goes. So excuse me, while I kiss the sky. Anyway, for those that want to see something that pushes boundaries to a whole new dimension, proceed with extreme caution. You might actually get to see the antichrist in this movie. Or deicide. Satan. Whatever you wanna call it.

Time is money. Spend it wisely. Don't waste your precious time watching the typical Hollywood slasher junk. Watch something different. If you have never heard of the three movies above, try them out. You might not enjoy them as much as I did, but I do guarantee one thing if you do watch them. You won't EVER forget what you just saw. Watch them if you dare. It's Halloween. Let's have some fun. :-)

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