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How To Get The Best Deal In Magazine Subscriptions

Amazon LogoUPDATE: This blog post is outdated and will be updated shortly. Please pay attention to the comments to get the best deals for now.

Today I want to let you all in a secret regarding magazine subscriptions. Most people know that they can easily save at least 75% if they subscribe to a magazine vs. buying it at the news stand (why people even pay the full price I don't know). What most people don't know is that they can almost always save even more. And sometimes, a LOT more.

Let's look at an example with two of my favorite business magazines, Fast Company & Inc. They are my favorites because I run a startup company and these two magazines do a great job in keeping me informed of the next big thing in the world of startups. They're also cheap (and about to get REALLY cheap). Here's how it basically works:

Fast Company Magazine

1) The news stand price is $4.99 for each monthly issue.

2) The standard subscription price is $12 per year (which used to be $10 until circa 2010), or $15 for two years (which by itself is already a good enough deal).

3) With the secret I'm about to tell you, it'll be as low as $5 a year.

Inc. Magazine

The keyword here is a great company called Amazon. This is the company that's bringing also-ran competitors such as Best Buy (does anybody even go there anymore except to use it as a showroom before going home and buying at you-know-where?) to its knees with its prices that are almost impossible to beat & customer service that is second to none. Unless there is a miracle, slowly but surely, Best Buy will die, just like Circuit City did a few years ago. It'll be just a matter of time. Sorry, I digress. Anyway, all you have to do is sign up for their wonderful mailing list, and they send you their best deals on everything they sell. And for me, I've never paid full price for magazines ever since I signed up.

For my business, I currently subscribe to four magazines (Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune & Inc.). Here are the prices that I have paid for my latest subscriptions:

1) Fast Company: $5 (vs. $12)

2) Forbes: $15 (vs. $30)

3) Fortune: $5 (vs. $20)

4) Inc.: $5 (vs. $12)

Other magazines that you are interested in all have similar deals going on all the time in Amazon. While you don't have to wait for the best deal in the planet to happen (the $5 for Fortune will probably never be repeated ever again), when you see a great deal (the $15 for Forbes typically happens at least once a year for just 24 hours at a time) it's best to take it. All you gotta do is sign up for their mailing list. Easy enough huh?

I should also mention here that sometimes Amazon runs promotions on their website without letting their customers know, and these random ones expire without notice too. For example, while writing this post, I checked to see what the current deal was for Spin, a music magazine that I was interesting in subscribing to. And lo and behold, it's on sale right now! It's not as good as the deals above, but I just purchased a new subscription since I don't know if the deal will still be there tomorrow and saved four bucks along the way! Yay! :D

Spin Magazine

And and last but not least, two things about the "auto renewal" part in Amazon:

1) Whether you're new to that magazine's subscription or not, it'll work just like a new subscription. I've done it for years and never had a problem.

2) After signing up, make sure that you are NOT set to auto renew after your initial subscription expires in their Magazine Subscription Manager (it's under your account settings). It's best to manually auto renew when you find another good deal before your subscription expires, or you'll be renewed at the standard price.

Happy saving and reading! :-)

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