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Website Is Complete (Again)!

Website is Complete (Again)!Whew! What a day! After spending some time porting all my blog content from WordPress to Drupal, I've finally completed my website (again)! For those that want their own, the next few posts will focus on how to create this type of blog / personal website with a minimum amount of effort, this time for real (for Drupal only, not WordPress).Topics that I will cover include:

1) What domain name to register.

2) How to register a domain name for the cheapest possible price.

3) How to get hosting for your website for the cheapest possible price.

4) Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Drupal blog.

Now of course there are some things that I couldn't figure out as well as bugs that I couldn't fix. This is because Drupal is much harder to master than WordPress. Before I start blogging about how to create your own Drupal blog website, I'll explain in my next post why I chose Drupal over WordPress.

What's important right now though is that my new website, Jay, is done! One down and maybe a million left to go! Yay! :-)

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