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How I Built (Site Demo & Teardown)

9/1/14: This blog post has now been updated for DrupalCampLA 2014.

Today & tomorrow I'll be attending SANDcamp 2014, and will again be one of the presenters just like last year! My presentation will be called "How I Built (Site Demo & Teardown)", and it will be on Saturday from 4 - 5pm. This blog post will serve as the permanent link for the presentation, and I will update it throughout the night (this was a last minute submission as the site is not yet live)...

Acer Iconia W510-1674 - The Dream Windows 8 Tablet Laptop

On 12/22/12, I bought my first tablet called the Asus Vivo Tab RT. It was one of the happiest days of my entire life. But the happiness only lasted for a few weeks until I realized the potential problem with Windows RT: I think it's a product that Microsoft should've never built. So I started looking for a solution, meaning let's get rid of this on Craigslist while the demand is still there and go buy a real Windows product.

Why You Should NOT Plead Guilty To Traffic Tickets

UPDATE (November 7, 2016): I finally got to talk to a real cop regarding what happens when you get a speeding ticket out of state, which I will write about as a separate blog post in the near future (with a link to it posted here afterwards). I'll also start answering all the old questions in the comments section shortly (ALL NEW COMMENTS WILL NOW GET A REPLY WITHIN 24 HOURS). Stay tuned! :)

Drupal PinBoard Theme Upgrade Manual

I originally bought the PinBoard theme from ThemeSnap back in October of 2012 for my startup, Collectiboard (although now I am focusing 100% of my efforts on Over the past few months, there were numerous updates to the theme, and I also made a ton of changes and also wrote another ton of custom code to make Collectiboard look like what it does today.

How I Built Collectiboard In 24 Hours (Part II)


UPDATE: I was able to embed the actual presentation within this blog post. Please note that I will be editing this post by 7/13 to include detailed notes in preparation for DrupalCamp LA, so that everyone will be able to follow my presentation as if you were actually there.

Basic Drupal PinBoard Theme Customization Examples

Disclaimer: Make sure to back up your website before proceeding, as I will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong on your website.

How To Downgrade From Internet Explorer 10 To 9

Last month I started noticing that all of a sudden, one by one, people at my day job couldn't access their emails anymore. Here's what their screens looked like:

The Definitive Way To Create A Favicon

Creating a favicon is easy and hard at the same time. It's easy because you can always shrink an existing image into 16x16 and give it a .ico extension. It's hard because if you did what I just said, it won't show up on Internet Explorer no matter what you do. Wanna find out how I solved this problem? Read on and follow the 10 idiotproof steps to the definitive way of creating a favicon:

1) Create the initial image that will eventually become the favicon using your favorite graphics program (such as Adobe Photoshop). It should be square & decent in size.

Two Ways To Use System Restore

What I'm about to write right now might very well be my greatest blog post ever, because it has the potential to help millions of people around the world solve their PC issues. So read on, and you will hopefully have that aha moment to prepare yourself when the unthinkable happens.

How To Download Torrent Files

The Pirate Bay

I had to think a bit before starting to write this post, because I still don't know how legal / illegal using this technology is. But people have been using it for years, and I firmly believe the technology itself is 100% legal, so here we go.

By now, most of you have heard of this word, "torrent". But not too many people have actually ever used it. So today I'm gonna show you guys how to set it up and use it, within minutes. And the reason I chose today is well, because it's the biggest day in the movie industry, the Oscars. And torrent is used a LOT during award season, due to the unusual number of DVD screeners that get circulated "for your consideration".


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