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How I Built (Site Demo & Teardown)

9/1/14: This blog post has now been updated for DrupalCampLA 2014.

Today & tomorrow I'll be attending SANDcamp 2014, and will again be one of the presenters just like last year! My presentation will be called "How I Built (Site Demo & Teardown)", and it will be on Saturday from 4 - 5pm. This blog post will serve as the permanent link for the presentation, and I will update it throughout the night (this was a last minute submission as the site is not yet live)...

This session will be about how I used Drupal to build my latest & greatest media startup company, ("Mediography by your favorite artist"), which is an embeddable media rating platform that currently supports discographies for musicians (bibliographies for authors & filmographies for actors are coming soon).

I'll talk about over 150 modules used to build the initial MVP (minimum viable product) as well as some secrets that I learned during the past 3 years to become a master sitebuilder. I intend to build on & continue this presentation every year as the site progresses.

The site is still being built, but here are some live pages that showcase some of what the website can do: - The website serves as a central media rating platform. - These ratings can then be embedded on any website.

And here is the partial list of modules used to build that I will go over, broken down by categories (related and/or required modules are bunched together):

1) Popular
Display Suite, Display Suite UI, Display Suite Extras
Field Collection
FlexSlider, FlexSlider Views Slideshow, Views Slideshow
Front Page
Hierarchical Select, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy
Nice Menus
Popup, Popup UI, Popup Descriptions

2) Spam & User Registration
Botcha, Module Object Oriented Programming API, Captcha Riddler, Captcha, Spambot
Contact Importer Form Integration, Contact Importer, OpenInviter Retrieval Engine
Persistent Login
Real Name
User Restrictions, User Restrictions UI
Username Originality Ajax Check

3) Image Handling & Media
File (Field) Paths
Imagecache Actions, Imagecache Canvas Actions
Image Focus Crop
IMCE, IMCE Mkdir, IMCE Watermark
Media, Media Internet Sources
Media: SoundCloud
Media: YouTube
SoundCloud Field
Spotify, Spotify Field
YouTube Field, YouTube Field Colorbox

4) Social Networking
Advanced Forum
Author Pane
DrupalChat, Session API
FB Social
Private Messages, Privatemsg Email Notification
Signatures For Forums
User Relationship Locator
User Relationships, User Relationships Blocks, User Relationships UI
User Badges
User Stats
Userpoints, Userpoints Nodes And Comments, Userpoints Rules Integration, Userpoints Invite, Voting Rules

5) Miscellaneous
Apply For Role
Background Image, Background Image UI
External Links
Google Analytics Counter, OAuth
HybridAuth Social Login - Alternatives: Janrain Social Login, Loginza, Social Login and Social Share
Menu Item Visibility
Date, Date API, Date Popup, Date Views, Partial Date
Recommender API, Browsing History Recommender, Fivestar Recommender
Redirect 403 To User Login
Status Message Close
User Alert, Scheduler
Views Infinite Scroll
Web Widgets
Wysiwyg Linebreaks

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