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"Your Domains Must Be In An Eligible Status."

"Your domains must be in an eligible status."

The other day I got the dreaded error message above from GoDaddy when I was trying to forward one of my domain names to another domain name. I was actually testing it out and initially redirected to Google, and then tried to redirect it to the actual domain name that I wanted. That's when I got the error message.

The problem was that pretty much everywhere I went, the answer was something like, "Try contacting GoDaddy and they should be able to help". But their help section wasn't really useful, and that's when lightning struck in my head when I remembered how I got the favicon changed in my browser. All I had to do was empty its cache. And that's exactly what solved this problem too, so try this first:

1) Empty your browser's cache.

But YMMV (I've heard of people saying that they had to empty it multiple times to get their favicons updated, and yet others saying that they still had to wait weeks even after emptying it again and again). So if it doesn't work for whatever reason, try the following:

2) Flush the DNS.

3) UPDATE (August 21, 2016): Try using a different browser.

4) UPDATE (August 21, 2016): Try using your phone, tablet or laptop instead of your PC or Mac.

These should definitely do the trick. Good luck!

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