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Grocery Store Food Shopping Coupon Saving Tips

Whether you're rich or poor & whether the economy is good or bad, one thing never changes: We all need to eat. And if you're a starving entrepreneur like I am, you'll want to save every single penny. So today I'm gonna show you how to save some cash at the grocery store just by changing some basic habits. This generally applies to wherever you live, but I'll use the local Vons store in San Diego, CA for today's example since I live here and I'm quite knowledgeable about the area. Here we go:

1) First of all, figure out what store in your area gives you the best deals. From my experience, Albertsons is the worst in San Diego. Food4Less is also not as good as it sounds. Walmart has a few items here and there for groceries, but they sure don't have the lowest prices for most of these items. I go to Ralphs for certain things such as canned fruit & yogurt. But the best one is hands down Vons, period.

2) Get a store savings card (or two). -> This is what gives you most of those savings that you see printed right under the items, like buy one get one free (B1G1), etc.

3) Get an online store account (or two). -> So for Vons, just create an account on their website & link your savings card to get even more savings. This is where I get coupons that let me save like $5 if I spend more than $20. And since I have two accounts, I get two of these type of coupons.

4) Save those junkmails, or get them the next time you go to the grocery store. -> Unless I'm in a hurry, I always look at the junkmails while I'm shopping for groceries. Once you realize how much money you're saving, pretty soon you'll have a fairly good idea of what items offer those B1G1 deals (bacon, cereal, soup), and also how often (once every couple months or so).

I once watched a story on the local TV news about this old woman that ended up paying around $10 for about $100 worth of groceries. Her trick was to save as many coupons as humanly possible, and stack them all together (most grocery coupons are stackable, meaning different coupons for the same product can be used together). Now I might not be that good (the woman admitted that it does take some time saving all those coupons), but I do end up saving as much money as possible with as little amount of time spent as possible. I hope some of you guys find this blog post useful.

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