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Planet Drupal

Over the past few years, I've written quite a bit of blog posts about Drupal. So I finally submitted my application to include them on Planet Drupal. Here is everything you need to know about it:

1) What is Planet Drupal?

Planet Drupal is an aggregated list of feeds about Drupal from around the web. Its purpose is the sharing of useful and relevant knowledge regarding Drupal, and it helps others learn details about Drupal that they might not otherwise encounter.

2) Why should I get on Planet Drupal?

A) If you're like me and write a lot about Drupal already, you might as well get more people to read your blog posts.

B) This helps boost your Alexa ranking.

C) Some of my blog posts are answers to my own questions, a few of which were difficult enough that I am not sure if I did everything correctly in terms of security, etc. The more people look at my blog posts, the better the chance that a guru of a certain topic might help me correct something that I might have done incorrectly.

3) How do I get on Planet Drupal?

Read and follow the Planet Drupal guidelines. Then keep reading if you get stuck in any of the steps, some of which are addressed below:

A) How do I create a "Drupal Planet" taxonomy term?

Go to

B) How do I trim, or use a summary for my feed content so that each one is between 600 and 1000 characters?

I) Go to and click on "CUSTOM DISPLAY SETTINGS" towards the bottom of the page.

II) Check "RSS" and then click "Save".

III) Go to

IV) Change the "FORMAT" of "Body" from "Default" to "Summary or trimmed", and choose either "600" or "1000" for the "Trim length" and then click "Save".

C) How do I use Pathauto with the feed?

I'm a perfectionist, so I don't want my Planet Drupal feed to be If you want to know how I got it to redirect to, just follow the next two simple steps:

I) Install the Global Redirect & Sub-Pathauto modules.

II) Install a patch that gets the two modules to work together.

4) Miscellaneous

I'll update this blog post after I get accepted into and play around a bit with Planet Drupal. I'll try to answer some odd questions such as the following:

A) What happens if I update my blog post at a later time (such as a few months later when I update this very blog post after I get answers to all of my own questions)? Will it show up again on Planet Drupal?

B) I'll add some more FAQs here that I'm sure will come up as time passes by.

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