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How To Find And Download Leaked DVD Screeners

UPDATE (December 29, 2018): Here is the current list of DVD screeners for Oscars 2019:

1) Green Book
2) Ralph Breaks The Internet, UPDATE (December 30, 2018): Ralph Breaks The Internet (Audio sync issue fixed)
3) UPDATE (January 2, 2019): The Favorite
4) UPDATE (January 6, 2019): Vice
5) UPDATE (January 13, 2019): Bohemian Rhapsody
6) UPDATE (January 22, 2019): If Beale Street Could Talk
7) UPDATE (January 23, 2019): Can You Ever Forgive Me
8) UPDATE (February 10, 2019): Destroyer

UPDATE (December 10, 2017): Here is the current list of DVD screeners for Oscars 2018:

1) I Love You, Daddy
2) UPDATE (December 23, 2017): Last Flag Flying
3) UPDATE (December 25, 2017): I, Tonya
4) UPDATE (December 25, 2017): Call Me By Your Name
5) UPDATE (December 25, 2017): Lady Bird
6) UPDATE (December 26, 2017): Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
7) UPDATE (December 29, 2017): The Florida Project
8) UPDATE (December 30, 2017): The Disaster Artist
9) UPDATE (January 3, 2018): Coco
10) UPDATE (January 3, 2018): Wonder Wheel
11) UPDATE (January 7, 2018): The Shape Of Water
12) UPDATE (January 11, 2018): Darkest Hour
13) UPDATE (January 16, 2018): Molly's Game
14) UPDATE (January 22, 2018): The Post
15) UPDATE (February 7, 2018): Phantom Thread

UPDATE (January 2, 2017): Here is the current list of DVD screeners for Oscars 2017:

1) Fences, UPDATE (January 17, 2017): Fences (Similar quality)
2) UPDATE (January 12, 2017): Hidden Figures
3) UPDATE (January 12, 2017): Patriots Day
4) UPDATE (January 14, 2017): Arrival, UPDATE (January 15, 2017): Arrival (Better quality)
5) UPDATE (January 14, 2017): La La Land
6) UPDATE (January 15, 2017): Moonlight
7) UPDATE (January 17, 2017): Hacksaw Ridge
8) UPDATE (January 18, 2017): A Monster Calls
9) UPDATE (January 20, 2017): Silence
10) UPDATE (January 21, 2017): Manchester By The Sea
11) UPDATE (January 23, 2017): Jackie
12) UPDATE (January 23, 2017): Moana
13) UPDATE (January 24, 2017): Doctor Strange
14) UPDATE (January 26, 2017): Allied
15) UPDATE (January 26, 2017): Live By Night
16) UPDATE (January 27, 2017): The Edge Of Seventeen
17) UPDATE (January 28, 2017): Lion
18) UPDATE (January 29, 2017): Nocturnal Animals
19) UPDATE (January 30, 2017): Paterson
20) UPDATE (February 3, 2017): The Founder
21) UPDATE (February 8, 2017): 20th Century Women
22) UPDATE (February 10, 2017): Gold

Ever since the almighty YIFY / YTS went down for good, I've been using RARBG. And what I noticed is that it's actually even better, because it's one of those websites that have the mother lode of all things pirated, downloadable via torrent.

Now every year during Oscars season, DVD screeners go around "for your consideration". And every year, the quality gets better and more and more films get leaked faster than ever. This year surely didn't disappoint, as the first couple of 40 DVD screeners just got leaked. The titles? The Hateful Eight, the movie by Quentin Tarantino that is not even in theaters until January 1, 2016, and Creed. And this is after The Revenant already got leaked, which will be out in theaters on January 8, 2016, that I guess you can count as a bonus, number zero.

Here is the full list of the 41 DVD screeners for Oscars 2016, which I will update daily as each film gets leaked:

0) The Revenant
1) The Hateful Eight
2) Creed
3) UPDATE (December 21, 2015): Legend
4) UPDATE (December 21, 2015): In The Heart Of The Sea
5) UPDATE (December 21, 2015): Joy
6) UPDATE (December 21, 2015): Steve Jobs
7) UPDATE (December 22, 2015): Concussion
8) UPDATE (December 22, 2015): The Danish Girl
9) UPDATE (December 23, 2015): Spotlight
10) UPDATE (December 23, 2015): Bridge Of Spies
11) UPDATE (December 25, 2015): Spectre
12) UPDATE (December 30, 2015): Anomalisa
13) UPDATE (December 27, 2015): Trumbo
14) UPDATE (December 27, 2015): Suffragette
15) UPDATE (December 30, 2015): The Big Short
16) UPDATE (December 30, 2015): According to the description under The Big Short, it says that "we wont do another movie before its cinedate, and we def wont go up to 40 as planned, we think we have done enough already". So this might be it, or close to it. But if there are more, I'll definitely keep updating this list.

If you're one of those people who still don't know how to use torrent, you've been truly missing out. Today I'll show you how to find and download DVD screeners easily. There are basically two easy ways to find them:

A) Search for "dvdscr" on The Pirate Bay, and then click on "Uploaded" to order by date with newest ones first:

This page pretty much lists every single DVD screener ever made. If you just want to watch DVD screeners, this page should do it.

B) Browse the "Movies" section of RARBG on a regular basis:

This page pretty much lists every single torrent movie ever made including DVD screeners, so it's comprehensive with the newest movies at the top of the list. A day's worth of movies is about four pages, so it's a lot to browse through. But if you're a movie fanatic that wants to watch almost every movie before it comes out on DVD, this is the page to keep track of. Movies are also typically listed here even before they hit The Pirate Bay (the first DVD quality of The Gift was posted on RARBG at least a full day before it got posted on The Pirate Bay), so that's another bonus.

And as for downloading, I already wrote a blog post on how to do it a couple of years ago. Read it first if you have never downloaded torrent files before to get you up to speed, and also read how to identify real vs. fake torrent files before downloading to make sure you don't download fake shit and get copyright infringement letters from your ISP. Then come back here to realize that all you have to do to download the films is to just click the red magnet image next to the title of the torrent on each page of the DVD screener, which should activate Vuze to do the actual download of the film. That's all you have to do.

And that's really it. Enjoy the 41 DVD screeners, all due out shortly, one by one. :)

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