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Drupal Background Images Formatter Module Configuration Manual

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on how to configure a Drupal module called Background Images. Today I'll continue with part 2, and it's a simple one but essential as well, because this module doesn't even come with a README.txt file at all lol.

UPDATE (May 7, 2016): Drupal BackgroundField Module Configuration Manual (Part 3)
UPDATE (May 8, 2016): Clickable Background Takeover Ads (Part 4)

But before we begin, let's answer the million dollar question of why anyone would want to use this module:

A good example would be my use case where I run a membership website and want my members to be able to upload background images while they're creating new nodes, because the Background Images module only allows people with admin access (specifically to admin/content/background-images) to create background images.

Other examples can be found in the descriptions of the home pages of Background Images & Background Images Formatter.

Ok, so here we go:

1) Install and enable the Background Images Formatter module.

2) Go back to step #2 of my last blog post: admin/structure/types/manage/CONTENT-TYPE/display

A) Click the "FORMAT" of the background image, which should now give you a new option called "Background image". So change it to this from "<Hidden>".

B) Now you should see a gear icon to the right, and you should see a familiar set of settings just like those from step #4 of my last blog post: admin/config/content/background-image

C) Pay attention to the "Selector(s)" field, just like I said in my last blog post (did you notice that the default here is once again "body", which I already mentioned before will most likely NOT work at all for pretty much everybody?!? :P), and put in the right one for your theme. Again, ignore the fact that BOTH screenshots used in the module's home page has the field as "body", because it most likely will NOT work: &

3) Undo whatever you did in step #5 of my last blog post, because step #C above will override it anyway (as well as whatever settings you chose in admin/config/content/background-image): admin/content/background-images

4) Feel free to disable and uninstall "Background Image UI" from step #3 of my last blog post, because it's what this module pretty much replaces.

In summary, you will either use Background Images Formatter or the "Background Image UI" part of Background Images, but not both. And needless to mention, you'll always need the "Background Image" part of Background Images, without which Background Images Formatter can't even be enabled at all.

And that's it for this blog post. Stay tuned, as my next blog post will cover part 3, which is actually a better alternative solution to parts 1 & 2 (I just found out about it while doing research for these blog posts). Then part 4 will finally reveal how to create clickable background takeover ads.

P.S. Sometimes my blog posts help me remember things that I forgot to do. I just realized that I still forgot to do step #4 on my own media startup,, that uses it for clickable background takeover ads. It is now disabled and uninstalled. :)

UPDATE (May 7, 2016): As I mentioned in my next blog post, I will now most likely switch to BackgroundField from Background Images & Background Images Formatter, since using one module is better than using two for my own use case.

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