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How To Make The Web Widgets Module Work With Drupal 7.50

For users of the awesome Web Widgets module, you'll notice that it'll no longer work after installing Drupal 7.50. But after digging into this issue, I realized that the problem was much simpler than I had originally imagined (Drupal 7.50 supporting PHP 7). Sometimes all it takes is to just RTFM lol. Anyway, here's how to solve it:

1) Understand what the source of the issue is. The cause of the problem was "Protection against clickjacking enabled by default".

2) If you browse the topic, you'll notice a link to find out more. Click on it and pay attention to "How to override the default behavior". There are three options you can choose from, but I'll use the first one because it's the most foolproof method. Once you get it working, you can try the other two methods if you don't want to be forced into using yet another module on your Drupal site.

3) It mentions something from an issue page (although I haven't tested it directly, I believe the most important part is the patch at #5) for the Security Kit module. And judging by the fact that the issue page was created on 2/2/16, you can see that you'll need to use the 7.x-1.x-dev version instead of the usual last stable 7.x-1.9 version (which was released on 5/6/14).

4) So install the module, go to admin/config/system/seckit and just disable "X-Frame-Options".

That's it. Your precious Web Widgets module will now work perfectly with Drupal 7.50. Easy enough for everyone, right? :)

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