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DiscountMags - The Cheapest Magazine Subscription Website

Today I'll show you how to get unbelievable deals on your favorite magazines. How unbelievable? Here are examples of the too-good-to-be-true deals on my current yearly subscriptions (screenshots will be added shortly):

#A. Entrepreneur: $4
#B. Fast Company: $4
#C. Forbes: $4.50
#D. * Fortune: $5
#E. * Harvard Business Review: Free
#F. Inc.: $4
#G. Robb Report: $10
#H. Rolling Stone: $4

Wanna know how you can get these deals? Read on:

#1. How do I find these too-good-to-be-true deals?

The answer is mostly DiscountMags. There are a bunch of magazine websites out there, but none of them comes even remotely close to what DiscountMags offers in terms of how cheap magazines can get. Here's how the deals basically work:

On the home page, you'll see the regular prices. Every site has to have them, because they all have to make money somehow. But the secret is in the one day deals (that used to happen once every few months, but now seems to happen almost weekly), and the trick is how to find them. So how do you not miss out on these deals without checking back every day? Go to #3 below. ;)

* There are of course exceptions. One is Fortune, for which I still find the best deal from Amazon (which I wrote about a few years ago). As for Harvard Business Review, I don't even bother trying to find a deal for it because it's always been so damn expensive. Instead, I just download (just Google "Harvard Business Review PDF") / torrent the PDF every month for free. :P

#2. How do I know DiscountMags is legit and not a scam?

First, I've been getting the best magazine deals from this company for years with no problems. Trust me when I say that DiscountMags is 100% legit. Second, check out the company's A+ BBB rating if you still don't believe me.

#3. How do I not miss out on the one day deals from DiscountMags?

Sign up for the site's newsletter (#2).

#4. What were some of the best deals ever on?

I have a screenshot from last year's Black Friday sale, which I will post here shortly.


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