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Is OnTrac Ever On Track?

I ordered a chair from Staples on October 23, which was a Sunday. And because Staples has phenomenal service, the order was supposed to be shipped for free on Monday, to be delivered the very next day. But I didn't get the order until the next day (which is a bigger deal than it sounds), and this blog post is about exposing just what the hell is going on with OnTrac these days. I wrote it especially for Amazon, Google, Staples & other stores that use OnTrac for shipping, to help them decide whether they should sever their ties with OnTrac or keep using its pathetic services.


I actually thought OnTrac was a newer company, until I noticed what it says on the home page of its website: "Celebrating 25 Years of On Time Delivery". So you would think that the company must pride itself on being on track in order for it to be in business this long, right? Let's assume that the company was in fact on track in the past. Now let's focus on the present and future.


Here's the detailed tracking info from OnTrac:

OnTrac - Detailed Tracking Info

OnTrac - Detailed Tracking Info

And here's the tracking details from Staples:

Staples - Tracking Details

Staples - Tracking Details

Here's a recap of what actually happened:

#1. I was waiting at home all day long on October 25, but all of a sudden noticed a "NOT HOME ON DELIVERY ATTEMPT" message on OnTrac's tracking page at 2:21PM. I also noticed a "Consignee Closed: Business Closed" message on Staples' tracking page. And regarding the door tag, I actually went outside to both the main & side entries to confirm that there was NO door tag to be found anywhere.

#2. At 3:24PM, I called OnTrac at (800) 334-5000 and got in touch with a live person. I explained what happened, and she said that the package couldn't be delivered because there was no apartment number. So instead of the two different messages above at #1, now it's a missing apartment number lol. Does anyone smell fish? Anyway, I said that's literally impossible because the address label is automatically printed off the order form from Staples, but I still kindly confirmed my apartment number. Then I was also told to call Staples, to have someone from there call OnTrac confirming the apartment number. Does it sound even more ridiculous yet? Because it is lol. Anyway, before hanging up, I also explained exactly how to gain access inside the building, that "Business Closed" is impossible because it's NOT a business at all. It's a goddamn apartment complex, you fucking idiots!

#3. At 3:35PM, I called Staples and said exactly what I was told to say. The person I spoke to said that it's impossible for this to happen (which I of course agreed to), but that someone will still call OnTrac to verify the apartment number.

#4. At 4:31PM, I tweeted the following to get both OnTrac & Staples' attention:

I was home all day, but not according to OnTrac.

#5. At 5:19PM, I actually got a call from one of OnTrac's supervisors. I repeated everything I said at #2 above, and the supervisor promised that the delivery will be made the next day.

#6. I waited again all day long on October 26, but all of a sudden noticed an "UNDELIVERABLE - NEED GATE CODE" message on OnTrac's tracking page at 3:55PM. I also noticed a "Insufficient Time: Ran out of time to Complete" message on Staples' tracking page.

#7. At 4:22PM, I tweeted the following:

I told TWO people EXACTLY how to gain access to the building, but OnTrac still somehow couldn't.

#8. At 4:36PM, I tweeted the following:

Perfect timing, as I was looking out the window just as the OnTrac van was about to leave the parking lot of my apartment complex. I quickly took a snapshot on my smartphone.

#9. At 5:05PM, I got yet another call from another one of OnTrac's supervisors. I repeated everything I said at #2 & #5 above, and the supervisor promised that the delivery will be made the next day, just like what the supervisor from the day before promised. So I stressed that this is the third time repeating myself, that the supervisor yesterday promised the same exact thing. So the supervisor this time said she'll actually file an official complaint, and that she'll actually call the driver to come back to get the delivery made today.

#10. At 5:49PM, I actually got a call from the delivery driver right outside my apartment building, so I finally got my package. It was marked delivered at 5:50PM.

#11. At 5:54PM, I got another call from the supervisor at #9 above. She just wanted to confirm that I got my package. She also said I will get another call from the manager of the local branch.

#12. At 6:00PM, I got a call from the manager of OnTrac's local San Diego branch at (858) 586-9260, who didn't really seem to give a flying one about the situation at all. When I expressed concern that I never had these kinds of problems with FedEx and UPS, and that OnTrac's drivers probably all need be retrained, he basically said, "Well, there are always bad drivers in every company". Needless to say, I couldn't believe what this moron just said. If I were the CEO of OnTrac, I'd fire the fucker immediately. But that's just me...

Now let's take a look at the apartment number on the package mentioned at #2 above. Here's the packing list on the box:

Staples - Packing List

Staples - Packing List

As you can clearly see (or not, since I faded out most of my address), the label has my full address including the apartment number (note the comma and the # sign that I didn't fade out). And I don't see any signs of a previous label having been removed, meaning what I was originally told regarding the lack of an apartment number was 100% a lie.


In the end, I got a free $15 gift code via email from Staples for all the trouble that I went through, and delivery on 10/26 instead of 10/27 (or most likely much later) from OnTrac.

I should stress here that Staples has always had P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L customer service. I never asked for any type of compensation, but was basically given $15 for free because of all this horseshit that happened that wasn't even Staples' fault.

As for OnTrac, I have to admit that the supervisor at #9 above went well beyond her normal duty to provide excellent customer service. But the problem is that although she promised that she'll file an official complaint to eradicate this type of problem at scale so that it doesn't happen again in the future, I highly doubt that it'll ever happen. Why? Because of pathetic managers like the one from #12 above, but more importantly, the continuous negative tweets regarding OnTrac, shown at the end below.

So should Amazon, Google, Staples and others continue to use OnTrac instead of someone else? I say let the customers help them decide (bring in the comments please):


Let's take a look at OnTrac's Yelp reviews first. Take a look at the following screenshot for the San Diego branch:

OnTrac - Yelp Rating

OnTrac - Yelp Rating

Almost everyone left a one star review so far. Time will tell if the average eventually goes up (I kindly explained to both the supervisors at #5 & #9 above, that the only way to solve this type of conundrum is to start getting five star reviews from this point forward, which will start pushing the negative ratings down the list), but I honestly have very low expectations here, simply because I've rarely seen average ratings this bad. Unless there is a radical change in how OnTrac does its business, I doubt anything will change at all. But again, time will tell if I'm wrong.


This is the big one. It's actually not that simple to search for Twitter reviews of companies, so I'll show you guys EXACTLY how to do it:

#A. Type "@OnTrac_Shipping" in Twitter's search field and press enter.
#B. Click the "Latest" tab to see all the tweets that mention @OnTrac_Shipping in reverse chronological order.

While what I just wrote above seems simple, it's easy to fuck up. Why? Because when you start typing, you'll soon see a popup dropdown menu with various Twitter handles matching what you're typing, including OnTrac's own handle. And you'll be tempted to click on it, which will just go to its page on Twitter instead of showing all the tweets that mention OnTrac. So do NOT choose @OnTrac_Shipping. You MUST fully type @OnTrac_Shipping and press enter, verbatim. If you still didn't understand what I said, here's the exact link (NOTICE HOW VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE TWEET THAT MENTIONS ONTRAC IS NEGATIVE):

Let's take a look at some of the most hilarious tweets that show just how pathetic OnTrac currently is:

This is one of many tweets claiming that OnTrac drivers mark undelivered packages as delivered.

This is one of many tweets claiming that OnTrac drivers steal packages.

This guy is asking OnTrac to kindly go out of business lol.

Click on the image above to read the whole conversation from various people literally begging Amazon to cut ties with OnTrac.

OnTrac claims weather delay while customer claims perfect weather.

OnTrac supposedly lost a three hundred pound pallet lol.

OnTrac, we'll all be watching you VERY closely on social media. So please wake the fuck up already before it's too late, because it's actually already getting quite late. You'll need a miracle to survive. Godspeed. ;)

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