The First Thing To Do After Installing WordPress

The first time I used WordPress was maybe right around this time about a decade ago. I had two websites made in WordPress, and both of them were hacked within weeks. So I immediately stopped using WordPress, and switched to Drupal.

But after talking to a few hardcore developers and learning a thing or two, I decided to give WordPress another shot and boy am I glad I did because it turns out that there’s at least a couple of things everybody’s supposed to do after immediately after installing WordPress to secure the website:

  1. Change the default login URL. I use the WPS Hide Login plugin.
  2. Enable brute force protection. After changing the login URL, it’s a good idea to do this so that hackers get locked out after a few failed attempts at guessing your username & password. I use the Loginizer plugin.
  3. Disable comments. This is because you’ll get spam comments, so it’s best to disable comments until you figure out what comment plugin you decide to use.

And that’s it. After I did the above, I realize that WordPress sucked but that I wasn’t a good developer. I hope this helps out someone. 🙂

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