Special Interest License Plates During COVID-19

I applied for a special interest license plate on July 24, 2020. Otherwise called personalized license plates or vanity license plates, they typically take about three months for you to receive notification from the DMV that they’re ready for pickup.

But we’re living in strange times right now, so here’s what I noticed that will be of interest to a lot of people also waiting:

  1. I finally received my DMV mail yesterday on January 30, 2021. So basically it’ll take you at least six months to be notified.
  2. I said mail above because previously they were postcards, but not this time. And here’s something rare that the DMV actually did right, which is it now gives you an option to “call the number below to have your plates assigned and mailed to you”.

This is actually welcome news for a lot of people, because it’s stupid to have to wait in line for something like this that should’ve been mailed in the first place anyway.

So I hope this answers some questions for other people waiting forever for their special plates. At least you don’t have to wait in line forever at your local DMV. But I live in San Diego, CA, so YMMV. Good luck!

P.S. My next blog post will be titled “Million Dollar License Plate”. Your jaws will drop when I reveal what license plate I was able to get. Stay tuned! 😉

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