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Drupal Background Images Formatter Module Configuration Manual

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on how to configure a Drupal module called Background Images. Today I'll continue with part 2, and it's a simple one but essential as well, because this module doesn't even come with a README.txt file at all lol.

Drupal Background Images Module Configuration Manual

During my San Diego Drupal Users Group lightning talk on March 8, I showed a brief demo of how background images can be made to be clickable via CSS, something that I once thought was impossible. But as I'll show you over the next few days, it actually is 100% possible, and I had a LOT of fun getting it to finally work exactly the way I want it. Today's tutorial will be part 1 of 4.

How To Customize The Fivestar Module

* Blue: The code from a Stack Exchange developer that saved my life and got the ball rolling for everything else.
* Green: My own comments for the purpose of this blog post.

How To Find And Download Leaked DVD Screeners

UPDATE (December 20, 2019): Here is the current list of DVD screeners for Oscars 2020:

How To Solve Drupal 8.0.0's Requirements Problem On WampServer

Today is a big day for Drupal, as Drupal 8.0.0 just got released a few hours ago. So since people from all over the world will be installing it today to build websites, I'll show you guys how to solve some unusual problems that you might encounter during the installation process. When you install it on your web server, you will most likely be just fine.

How To Identify Real Vs. Fake Torrent Files Before Downloading

It's no secret that the MPAA, RIAA and other organizations are constantly trying to trap people into downloading fake torrent files (the article is definitely worth reading if you want to know how the technology behind them actually work), so that they can collect their IP addresses and send copyright infringement letters to ISPs (if you ever got a warning email from your ISP in the past and were wondering how the hell they tracked you down, now you know).

20th Anniversary PC (Part 3)

I am currently building my 20th anniversary PC (I built my first computer in 1995 and have been a case modder ever since), and the second part (of five!) is finally done. I'm extremely busy at the moment, so until I edit this blog post with more information, here is a picture of what my PC looks like so far:

20th Anniversary PC

20th Anniversary PC (Part 3)

Motherboard LED Backlight Manual

In part 2 of my 20th anniversary PC, the focus was motherboard backlighting:

20th Anniversary PC

20th Anniversary PC (Part 2)

Wanna know how I did it? Read on.

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