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How To Save On Your Subsidized Mobile Phone Sales Tax In CA, MA & RI

When people buy a new smartphone with a new two-year contract in California, Massachusetts & Rhode Island, they typically forget that the sales tax is calculated based on the MSRP of the phone, NOT the subsidized price that most people think it should be. But they still buy the phone anyway, and then forget about it. Then they repeat the same process every two years.

Why Disqus Is King Of Comments

I recently made the decision to switch from Facebook Comments and exclusively use Disqus on all of my websites. If any of you are thinking about integrating either of these products into your website, read on to see why I made my decision:

1) Disqus - Advantages:

My Domain Name Portfolio

August 7, 2014 will go down as one of the most interesting days of my entire life. It happens to be the day that I acquired a valuable domain name called, which now redirects to my media startup company,

How To Get A Cheap Smog Check

I hate getting my car smogged. If you live in California, you'll hate it too every time you do it (which is once every two years unless your car is less than six year old). This is because it's a locally added expense that takes time and it's not cheap. Depending where you do it, it'll cost you around $50 - $75. The place where I went to, Quarter Note Smog, had a regular price of $55:

Smog Check Regular Price

Grocery Store Food Shopping Coupon Saving Tips

Whether you're rich or poor & whether the economy is good or bad, one thing never changes: We all need to eat. And if you're a starving entrepreneur like I am, you'll want to save every single penny. So today I'm gonna show you how to save some cash at the grocery store just by changing some basic habits. This generally applies to wherever you live, but I'll use the local Vons store in San Diego, CA for today's example since I live here and I'm quite knowledgeable about the area. Here we go:

Drupal Twitter Block Configuration Manual

UPDATE: I just realized that I also have customized versions of the sharebar & follow blocks on all of my websites. Future blog posts will cover these topics.

On June 11, 2013, Twitter updated its API from version 1 to 1.1. This caused a lot of headaches and rendered a bunch of Drupal modules useless all of a sudden, including the following:

"Your Domains Must Be In An Eligible Status."

"Your domains must be in an eligible status."

The other day I got the dreaded error message above from GoDaddy when I was trying to forward one of my domain names to another domain name. I was actually testing it out and initially redirected to Google, and then tried to redirect it to the actual domain name that I wanted. That's when I got the error message.

Drupal Facebook Block Configuration Manual

Look to the right and you'll notice two matching blocks called "Find us on Facebook" & Find me on Twitter" (my other websites & have their own versions). You see these blocks everywhere these days. Today I'll show you how to do the Facebook block for Drupal websites (with a module), with the more important goal of showing you (on a future blog post) how to set up the Twitter block (without a module).

San Diego - The Best Place To Launch A Startup In 2014!

Yesterday I was browsing U-T San Diego and noticed something cool. So according to Forbes, San Diego is apparently the best place to launch a startup in 2014. And I happen to live here working on my own startup. Pretty cool huh?

Goodbye Day Job!

Today marks an important milestone in my life: I just quit my day job to focus 100% on my startup. I held on to what was hopefully my last day job ever for as long as humanly possible, but eventually persuaded myself that this is the perfect time to quit.


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