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How I Built Collectiboard In 24 Hours


Today & tomorrow I'll be attending SANDcamp 2013, and will be one of the presenters! My presentation will be called "How I Built Collectiboard in 24 Hours", and will be on Saturday from 3 - 3:50pm. This blog post will serve as the permanent link for the presentation, and I will update it afterwards with the link to the presentation and also more information as I see fit...

I have some cool ideas on how to keep this blog post interactive, such as:

How I Purchased A Brand New Asus Vivo Tab RT For Half Price

Asus Vivo Tab RT

UPDATE: I eventually replaced the Asus Vivo Tab RT with an Acer Iconia W510-1674, the dream Windows 8 tablet laptop.

Back From The Dead

Back from the Dead

This is just a short post to let everyone know that Jay is back online after being offline for 10 days due to a database & server crash. I'll write more about the nightmare (only my new startup, Collectiboard, and my DJ site, V.E.C.T.O.R., are back online so far) and how I was able to somehow back up everything manually sometime in the near future. For now, I'm just glad that everything is back to normal.

The Boulevard BOO! Parade & Carnival

The Boulevard BOO! Parade & Carnival

I'm blessed to live right in front of where the annual Boulevard BOO! Parade & Carnival happens, this year on October 27 (10am to 5pm) in San Diego, California.
The Boulevard BOO! Parade travels through the College Area at 10am on Saturday, October 27, 2012. Beginning at 59th Street in El Cerrito, it will travel east along El Cajon Boulevard, crosses College Avenue, and concludes at Rolando Boulevard in the heart of Rolando Village. If you have kids, the BOO! Carnival starts at 11am following the parade at Clay Park (4759 Seminole Drive) off El Cajon Boulevard on Seminole Drive.

How To Use LaunchRock With Drupal

LaunchRock & DrupalI love LaunchRock.

Yo ThemeSnap, WTF?

ThemeSnap SupportAs an entrepreneur, I take customer service very seriously. All good companies know just how important it is to treat your customers like king. Anyone who wishes to excel in customer service should read a book called Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by none other than Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh (his last name is pronounced "Shay" by the way).

How To Register A Domain Name For 99 Cents

99 Cents Domain Registration

It typically costs $12.99 to register a .com domain name. At least that's how much Go Daddy is charging as of this writing. But these days consumers are smarter than ever. So how low do you think a .com domain name will go for? Would you believe me if I told you that the most amount I've ever paid for a .com domain name was just $4.99? And that a lot of times I buy them for as low as $0.99? Wanna know how I do it? Read on.

Why Nobody Should Use Go Daddy

Go Daddy Sucks!

Earlier today, I noticed a article on TechCrunch regarding Go Daddy that caught my eye. Apparently an outage caused by a member of Anonymous took down millions of sites hosted by Go Daddy (UPDATE: Go Daddy says it's due to internal network issues). After seeing so many comments from people who use Go Daddy's services, I realize the time has finally come for me to share everything I know about domain names, one by one (and I know more about this field than anyone can possibly imagine, due to 10+ years of obsessive registering experience). So look forward to a series of blog posts here that will cover the following topics, and many more (feel free to leave a comment on a topic that interests you the most and I'll cover that first):

Website Is Complete (Again)!

Website is Complete (Again)!Whew! What a day! After spending some time porting all my blog content from WordPress to Drupal, I've finally completed my website (again)! For those that want their own, the next few posts will focus on how to create this type of blog / personal website with a minimum amount of effort, this time for real (for Drupal only, not WordPress).Topics that I will cover include:

1) What domain name to register.

2) How to register a domain name for the cheapest possible price.

3) How to get hosting for your website for the cheapest possible price.

4) Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Drupal blog.

How To Disable Easy Inline In Google Chrome

Easy Inline LogoI noticed a couple weeks ago that my Google Chrome all of a sudden started displaying double lines under certain words in a lot of websites that I visit. Here is what you need to know to fix this problem:

1) There are at least two different types of technology used for this new type of text advertising:

  1. Easy Inline
  2. Infolinks

There might be more, but these are all that I'm aware of. How you tell which one is showing in your browser is to just hover your mouse over any of the text that are underlined & are orange (or similar) in color.


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