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Welcome To Jay (Again)!

Welcome to Jay (Again)!Welcome to Jay! It's been exactly a year since I originally built my website. Well I just rebuilt it using Drupal, the world's leading CMS (content management system) platform. I'll save the reason for another blog post, but I'm very happy that I finally made the change (as I honestly didn't enjoy using WordPress too much, and thus my blog posts were getting more sporadic). It'll also look much better as I have my designer, Michael Heikkinen, port the Beach theme from Drupal 6 to 7.

How I Built The Simplest Possible Custom Drupal 7 Module

DrupalOne of the toughest things about Drupal is learning how to write a custom module. They say the easiest way to get started is by looking at existing code taken from the Drupal core as well as contributed modules, study it, and then modify it to suit your needs. So that's exactly what I did, and will share here what I learned while writing the simplest possible module imaginable. It involves only four lines of code, which is really just two lines inside a function, that originally was just ONE line. Simple enough? Ok, let's get started.

How To Get The Best Deal In Magazine Subscriptions

Amazon LogoToday I want to let you all in a secret regarding magazine subscriptions. Most people know that they can easily save at least 75% if they subscribe to a magazine vs. buying it at the news stand (why people even pay the full price I don't know). What most people don't know is that they can almost always save even more. And sometimes, a LOT more.

Let's look at an example with two of my favorite business magazines, Fast Company & Inc. They are my favorites because I run a startup company and these two magazines do a great job in keeping me informed of the next big thing in the world of startups. They're also cheap (and about to get REALLY cheap). Here's how it basically works:

Importance Of The Post-Workout Meal

Shake Smart LogoA few days ago I was reading an article from the newspaper about a couple of SDSU students that have started an award-winning business selling healthy shakes to students on campus. Congratulations to Kevin Gelfand & Martin Reiman.

The reason for this blog post is because the part about "recommendations of nutritionists to consume protein within 30 minutes of a workout" caught my eye and I wanted to elaborate on what's just as important (carbs) and add some more details from my own experience. Also, the new year just got started and I know a lot of my personal friends want to start working out, so instead of repeating the same shit that I've been saying over and over again for years, I can now tell them to just read my blog (as well as try to help them save money by joining 24 Hour Fitness, which I wrote about a few months ago). :P

Three Scariest Movies For Halloween

HalloweenIt's Halloween weekend! If you want to watch a movie after coming home from partying, you probably want to watch a scary one. Now if you're sick and tired of all the typical slasher flicks and want to watch something different but need some help choosing, try the following:

24 Hour Fitness: Upgrade From Active & Sport To Super Sport For FREE!

24 Hour Fitness LogoBack in the day there were two types of memberships for 24 Hour Fitness, a gym that currently has over 400 locations nationwide and are mostly open 24 hours:

1) Short-term - This is the typical one where you pay a monthly fee of anywhere between $19.99 to $49.99 plus a one-time initiation fee of anywhere between $0 to $49.99 for most clubs, depending on:

Jay Gaining Traction!

Alexa LogoYou know you're doing pretty good when your new website starts showing up on Alexa in just one month. After noticing a significant spike in traffic to my website the other day, I checked on Alexa and voila! I'm already ranked at around 14 million! My one month rank is even better at just under seven million!

So how does Alexa work? When you register a new domain name, it'll initially say "No Data". This is because well, you don't have any visitors yet. And you won't make it to Alexa by having a few of your best friends visit your website from time to time either. But if you do start getting a decent amount of traffic, eventually it'll show up on their traffic rank. And the more popular you get, the better your rank becomes. Facebook & Google are currently neck-to-neck trying to grab the number one spot.

The Coolest Domain Name

The Coolest Domain NameI'm a proud graduate of the Founder Institute, a technology startup incubator based in Silicon Valley. A few days ago it just dawned on me that the domain name of fellow graduate, Jordan Lyall, was although his company name is Fanfare. Now of course it would've been awesome if he could've registered Unfortunately the current owner of that cool domain name is SanDisk Corporation, so chances are not likely that Jordan will own it in the very near future (unless he's willing to pay a huge premium to purchase it). And is a fine domain name anyway. Much better than The Record Breaking Domain, which is currently on sale for a whopping $12 million (and a dollar more to be exact). But what about The same goes for Matthias Gallica's ShareSquare. His domain name is So am I the only one thinking he should register, at least as a backup? Because these domain names sure look really cool to me!

Website Is Complete!

Website is Complete!Whew! What a day! After spending a few days tinkering around with WordPress, I've finally completed my website! For those that want their own, the next few posts will focus on how to create this type of blog / personal website with a minimum amount of effort.

Now of course there are some things that I couldn't figure out as well as bugs that I couldn't fix. For example, the vertical separator ("|") to the right of "Blog" at the left top menu is bugging the hell out of me right now. The problem is, these stupid little things are not as easy to fix as you would think. I can actually see myself creating an entire blog post just on how I will have eventually fixed the problem. For now I'll probably ask around in the WordPress discussion board to see if anyone can help me fix this as well as a myriad of other minor issues.

Welcome To Jay!

Welcome to Jay!Welcome to Jay! I just built my new website with the coolest looking domain name using WordPress, the world's leading blog platform. This will be my personal website, so it’ll soon be updated with my curriculum vitae / résumé and links to my current projects.

A lot of my blog entries here will be about interesting things that I learn on a daily basis as an entrepreneur (I am also a dj as well as a music enthusiast), and I hope they’ll help others out as well. Some of them will cover what I’ve learned on customizing WordPress so that I can help my non-technical friends get started on their blogs as well. Others will mostly cover Drupal, the CMS (content management system) platform that I am currently using to build my new music startup,


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