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Drupal 7

Introduction To The Flag Lists Module

UPDATE: I will write a series of blog posts in the near future on how to configure each of these modules to work well with Flag Lists.

Today I'll be doing a presentation on a Drupal module called Flag Lists at SANDcamp. Here is the description:

Drupal Follow Block Customization Manual

Look to your right and you'll see a list of social icons under "Follow Me" (my other websites & have their own versions). To do this I use a Drupal module called Follow on all of my websites because it's my favorite one for letting people know where to follow me on social networks. Today I'll show you some slick tricks on customizing this module. Here we go:

Entityqueue Vs. Flag Vs. Flag Lists

I've been waiting patiently during the past few years for a stable version of a Drupal module called Flag Lists to come out. So when a developer finally came forward recently to get the job done, I jumped at the chance to become the main beta-tester. So what is Flag Lists and what sets it apart from similar modules such as Entityqueue & Flag? Read on to find out:

Drupal Sharebar Configuration Manual

Look to your left and you'll see a social sharebar (my other websites & have their own versions). I use this module on all of my websites because it's my favorite one for social sharing due to its simplicity. On larger screens, you'll see the vertical version. But if you shrink your browser, it'll automatically turn to a horizontal version. I like it a lot. Today I'll show you how to configure & customize this for Drupal websites. Here we go:

How To Use The Views PHP Module

Today I'll show you guys a few tricks that'll help you become a master Drupal sitebuilder. I'll use Views PHP as an example, a module that gave me a lot of headaches. The following blog post is a reminder that it's the little things that sometimes make all the difference in the world.

Basically, I had to figure out how to make the following piece of code to display correctly:


To get this module working, I focused on two issue queues:

Drupal Facebook Block Configuration Manual

Look to the right and you'll notice two matching blocks called "Find us on Facebook" & Find me on Twitter" (my other websites & have their own versions). You see these blocks everywhere these days. Today I'll show you how to do the Facebook block for Drupal websites (with a module), with the more important goal of showing you (on a future blog post) how to set up the Twitter block (without a module).

How I Built The Simplest Possible Custom Drupal 7 Module

DrupalOne of the toughest things about Drupal is learning how to write a custom module. They say the easiest way to get started is by looking at existing code taken from the Drupal core as well as contributed modules, study it, and then modify it to suit your needs. So that's exactly what I did, and will share here what I learned while writing the simplest possible module imaginable. It involves only four lines of code, which is really just two lines inside a function, that originally was just ONE line. Simple enough? Ok, let's get started.


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