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Drupal 8

How To Configure Let's Encrypt For Drupal & Virtualmin

Let's Encrypt is taking over the world with its free SSL certificates, and I'm using it on ALL of my websites (including the one you're reading right now). But using it with Drupal & Virtualmin is not as easy as it should be, so today I'll show everyone how to make it work 100%. It took me a few hours of detective work to figure out the following two prerequisites that need to be taken care of before using Let's Encrypt:

How To Solve Drupal 8.0.0's Requirements Problem On WampServer

Today is a big day for Drupal, as Drupal 8.0.0 just got released a few hours ago. So since people from all over the world will be installing it today to build websites, I'll show you guys how to solve some unusual problems that you might encounter during the installation process. When you install it on your web server, you will most likely be just fine.

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